Campaign to stop spread of flu at Christmas

Campaign to stop spread of flu at Christmas

SSP Health is taking part in Public Health England’s campaign to prevent the spread of flu this Christmas after GPs across the country reported a spike in symptoms.

SSP Health’s GP practices across the north west have changed their Facebook cover photos to one of the three PHE Catch It. Bin It. Kill It images spreading the word not to spread illness.

The 29 surgery Facebook pages have been urging patients to book an appointment for the flu jab at the practice for a number of months – some holding successful mass ‘fluathons’ to ensure vulnerable groups can easily have the vaccine – and this is being reiterated in the run-up to Christmas.

PHE have urged people to protect themselves and their families from flu amid warnings this week of 25 per cent more cases of flu-like symptoms being reported to GPs across the country – and warnings that this spike will grow bigger as we approach Christmas.

SSP Health Communications Manager Paul Ogden said: “We have been urging our patients across our practices not to be given the unwelcome Christmas present of flu over the festive period.

“PHE’s message of Catch It. Bin It. Kill It is a simple but effective one and we will be hammering it home on social media and in our practices over the Christmas period.

“Generally, our SSP Health practices are doing really well in reaching our priority groups who should be given the flu vaccine, but we won’t stop trying to reach everyone until the winter season ends.”