More awards for our GPs

More awards for our GPs

Congratulations to our award-winning GPs Dr Omon Imohi and Dr Olukayode Adeeko, who have won more accolades.

Dr Imohi has been named as GP of the Year for her work at SSP Health's Leigh Family Practice by the Royal College of General Practitioners North West England Faculty.

At the award ceremony at Old Trafford Football Stadium in Manchester, Leigh Family Practice and its GPs, Dr Imohi and Dr Olukayode Adeeko, also won the Audit prize award for a successful project they carried out at the surgery. 

The project tracked heart attack patients using a specific drug and put in place extra safeguards to ensure they were not on the medication for too long.

Well done to them both!

Pictured are the doctors with their awards and the SSP Health team at the ceremony.