SSP Health staff encouraged to be screened

SSP Health staff encouraged to be screened

Next week is Jo’s Trust Cervical Screening Awareness Week, when SSP Health encourages women to have smear tests carried out.

Many practices will be making a special effort between June 10th and 16th to ensure as many patients as possible who are required to have screening take up the offer. It could save their lives.

But SSP staff should also take notice of the advice to make sure their screening is up to date and the company is now giving employees the chance to have their smear tests carried out during working hours at any of our practices – irrespective of where they are registered. 

No change in registration is required and the result of the test goes back to the member of staff’s own registered practice - whether SSP Health-run or not. 

Dr Shikha Pitalia said the idea for this initiative came to her last year when a member of staff said she kept getting reminders for her smear test but as she lived quite a distance from her registered GP, she would have to take time off work to get to her screening appointment. 

Dr Pitalia said the colleague was seen at one of SSP’s surgeries to prevent the need for her taking time off work. Thankfully, the result was normal. 

In her role as Chair of the Wigan GP Alliance, Dr Pitalia and her colleagues on the Alliance Board introduced weekend smear clinics across the borough last year. These have been well received but patients must be registered in a Wigan practice to book an appointment. 

If you want to book a smear test at one of SSP’s practices, please email the manager at the practice which is most convenient.

For more information about cervical screening awareness week, see:

Information packs can be ordered by practices which want to promote the campaign.