Poplar Street and Nelson Street Practice Manager Simon Carr is a veteran who has pioneered better understanding of the healthcare needs of those who served in the armed forces.
Simon has ensured his surgeries have become accredited in ensuring excellent care for former military personnel.
Before Simon became an SSP Health Practice Manager he was a Warrant Officer in the Army, serving in the Royal Artillery for 25 years.
After his staff underwent training, his surgeries have now been recognised as an Armed Forces Veteran Friendly Accredited GP Practice by the Royal College of General Practitioners. 
The accreditation recognises that military veterans and their families may have extra and different healthcare needs than the general population. It is intended to reflect the nation’s moral obligation to veterans in their GP practice.
Simon said: “I felt it was really important that we signed up to this, to become accredited in how we look after our veterans within the practice.
“Veterans may have special needs which we cater for. This includes being able to spot the signs and help get treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
“Veterans may also have wounds, some from a very long time ago, which need to be monitored or they may need access to other particular types of care due to their military service.
“We can also put them in contact with other local organisations which can help them in other practical and social ways too, including the Royal British Legion.
“I and my team are very proud to receive this and we want all veterans in the community to know that our practice is there to help them, whatever their needs.”
Along with only a handful of other GP practices across the North West, two other SSP Health Wigan practices are also now signed up to the scheme, Claire House, in Ince, and Bryn Street Surgery (Ashton-in-Makerfield)/Railway Surgery (Golborne).
The accreditation was presented to Simon by Atherton councillor James Paul Watson, a former Irish Guardsman who is Vice Chair of the Atherton branch of the Royal British Legion.
Cllr Watson said: “With over 22,000 veterans and their families living in the Borough, every medical practice should follow this initiative.”
Pictured is Cllr Watson, right, presenting Simon with his certificate.