You can now use our online consultation service at this practice to give you faster and even better care.
We know that you don’t just need medical support during practice hours and that you may want to seek advice at any time of day. 
Our new online consultation system gives you 24-hour access to a wealth of health advice, self-care tips, and guidance on what your next steps should be. Plus, you can submit request forms directly to the practice for review if you feel you need further guidance or to see the Doctor. 
You will be able to ask about lots of other things, too, such as test results, medical reports, and letters, or request a sick note. Any of our patients will be able to use the online consultation service from a phone, tablet, or computer at any time of the day or night. 
This allows us to choose the best course of action – we may phone with advice, arrange an appointment for you or prescribe something for you. 
You can access the Online Consult through Patient Access App - (if you have an account) - or from the practice web page, which can be found at 
Benefits of using Online Consult:
• Round the clock advice: Access a wealth of health advice at any time of day or night. 
• Less time on the phone: Submit your form online so you spend less time waiting in busy phone queues.
• Accurate medical advice: Receive tailored advice and information based on your symptoms.
• Clinically approved information: All the advice and information available through Online Consult is clinically approved and provided by medical professionals.