Important information on our practice

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, our practice is working tremendously hard to ensure your healthcare needs are met while coping with reduced staffing levels and enforcing measures to stop the spread of the disease.
Therefore, in order to make sure our most vulnerable patients are looked after properly, we are having to work in bigger teams to give our GPs and other clinicians more flexibility in how and where to treat people.
Our practices will now be working together to optimise efficiency, share staff and prioritise the most urgent of cases.
In order to do this, you will have to travel to our main site to see one of our clinicians if a face-to-face consultation is needed.
However, we are pleased to say that our telephone consultations ­ where you speak to medical staff over the phone – have been incredibly successful and well-received by our patients.
In some cases, we can now also offer video consultations, if you wish and the GP decides it is appropriate. Both can be done without you leaving your home, which reduces your chance of catching Coronavirus.
Our branch, Railway Surgery, will now transfer its services to Bryn Street Surgery, which is located at Ashton Health Centre, Council Avenue, Ashton, WN4 9AZ.
Our telephone number (01942 481690/481580) and email address is staying the same – your call or email will be redirected to the correct person to help with your enquiry.
These measures are only temporary but will be in place for the foreseeable future while the outbreak lasts and the NHS tackles this unprecedented situation.
Please look for information about your practice on its Facebook page and webpage, which you can reach through the main website,
Thank-you very much for your understanding, patience and co-operation.