Press statement on behalf of Hightown Surgery - 23rd April 2015

As part of routine inspections, the CQC felt that the practice did not meet in full the criteria it required. We are meeting with our patient representative group to write to the CQC to ask for the report to be reviewed as we are concerned that the CQC has failed to follow its own processes in reaching these conclusions.


We apologise for any worry or distress this news may cause patients and confirm that we have always been and remain committed to providing GP services which are of the highest possible standards for patients.


It appears that the CQC team who inspected the practice have perhaps been unduly influenced by some politically-motivated comments.  


The doctors and staff have worked incredibly hard to improve the health outcomes for our patients. In the last two years significantly more patients have been seen for annual reviews of their long-term conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Safer systems to improve prescribing have been implemented and childhood immunisation rates have been almost doubled from 52% to 95%. All of this information was available to the CQC during their inspection.


The practice has regular doctors and staff and an active patient participation group. Systems and processes are already being reviewed and we will work with NHS England to address any weaknesses identified to demonstrate compliance with CQC requirements over the coming weeks.


We fully support the role of the CQC to monitor, inspect and regulate services.  We are keen to co-operate fully with the CQC and have assured them of our on-going commitment to delivering safe patient services and care.


We appreciate that many small practices nationally are at risk of closure and are fully committed to persist with our efforts to ensure the sustainability and viability of Hightown Surgery.


Spokesperson for Hightown Surgery