On September 9th our surgery will be changing clinical systems.
How does this affect you? Between August 29th and September 11th we will have on the day appointments only.
Any prescriptions issued will be printed on the normal green prescription paper as our Electronic Prescription Service will be inactive during our migration.
Arrangements will be made to ensure medication will be made available to patients if required during this time.
SystmOne Online will be inactive from the September 9th, to manage your medications and book appointments we recommend downloading the official NHS App or MyGP App today to prevent any problem when we migrate. If you are already using these apps then nothing needs to be done.
Alternatively, after September 11th you will be able to sign up to EMIS Online access.
We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time as we continue to evolve with technology to provide the best service possible for you. 
Thank you for your cooperation.