At Warwick Road Surgery we are working hard to improve access for our patients.  
To help with this you may be offered an appointment to see a GP / Practice Nurse or HCA at Fusehill Medical Practice.
The GP / Practice Nurse / HCA will have full access to your medical records including medication and test results.
When you contact reception to book an appointment you will be asked if you are happy to go to Fusehill Medical Practice. 
If you consent to the appointment, only then will the GP / Practice Nurse / HCA have access to view your medical records. 
If you do not wish to attend the appointment your records will not be made available to Fusehill Medical Practice.
There will be NO change to the practice you are registered with, the appointment will be offered simply allow quicker access to health advice and treatment.
If you do not wish to attend Fusehill Medical Practice this is not a problem, please let the reception team know and they will book the next available appointment at Warwick Road Surgery.
Please ask to speak to the Practice Manager if you have any queries.