We're SSP Health, the leading GP practice group in the North West

Our unique practice model gives patients access to more services and flexible support from GPs who can focus on quality patient care at all times.

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Our approach benefits
patients and practice teams

Our practices benefit from a centralised resource of shared skills, expertise, and support. As a group, we're stronger and more capable of supporting patients at local practices. The SSP practice model allows clinicians to focus on patient care, unburdened by administration, management, and other non-specialist tasks.

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Keeping practices local, even the smaller ones.

By bringing practices into our group and fortifying them with our systems and resources, we’ve been able to save multiple practices from closure, preventing job losses and allowing patients to continue seeing GPs in their area.

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Seeing your GP should be easy

We give patients back the power to communicate with GPs as and when they need to. Thanks to our modern, digitised services, patients can choose from phone consultation, electronic messaging, or in-person appointments, with face-to-face appointments always available to those that need it.

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Don’t take our
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Join 400+ medical
professionals who
love their jobs

Relieving pressure on general practice staff is at the core of our business, and this mentality trickles down to our management approach. Our focus is always on staff satisfaction, which we believe is what allows us to thrive.

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