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Are you no longer able to attend your appointment? It’s important you let us know as soon as you can.

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Help us keep our records up to date so we can always offer you the fastest service.

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We’re a well-oiled machine

Fast, efficient IT systems, automation, and streamlined record keeping mean it’s easy for our patients to make appointments and get the help they need.

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Become part of the GP solution

We’re an ever-growing team of healthcare professionals and administrators working within a new innovative model to elevate the general practice experience for patients and the workforce.

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How do I register with a GP?

Register with a GP on our website here. You simply need to fill in the form and specify which practice you would like to register at. Find your nearest GP on our website. Navigate to the practice page to find all the essential information, including contact details and opening hours.

We will be in touch to complete your registration.

How do I find my GP?

You can search for your GP by name or location on our find a practice page. If you’re still having trouble, contact us, and a member of the team will help you find them.

I need to speak to a doctor

You can book an online consultation via your practice page or call directly using the number on the page. If you use the form, fill it in with as much detail as you can and your GP will respond as quickly as possible. However, if it’s an emergency, you need to call 999.

Find my nearest practice.

How do I contact my GP out of hours?

Navigate to your practice page to view specific out-of-hours information. This is where you can see options for contacting your practice outside of open hours. During the hours the surgery is closed our calls will be diverted to the out-of-hours service.

If you have a life-threatening medical emergency during these times, please dial 999. Please do not attend the A&E department for non-emergency problems.

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I need to cancel an appointment.

Canceling your appointment means there’s a chance we can give it to someone else waiting. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do it as soon as you can.

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A tried and tested group practice model

Thanks to our centralised management, GPs in each of our practices are freed up to focus on quality patient care. Find out why SSP is thriving on the link below.

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Find a GP Practice

Find your nearest practice and register yourself and your family for fast and flexible appointments.

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Cancel an Appointment

Help us give patients more chances to see the doctor sooner. Tell us if you can’t make it to your appointment.

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Learn more about our ethos and unique general practice model.